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The day job in 2020 was also interesting as the government went into lockdown, lockout, everyone stay home except you contractors and blah blah blah.  You read about it.  No worries, I was there doing my cyber wargame planning and assisting Uncle Sam with DoD Joint-level doctrine and policy guidance just like normal.  I helped some other photo studios out where needed and did my share of odd jobs too.

2021 went bonkers.  All those 2020 gigs that pushed right caught up with all the "already-scheduled" 2021 gigs and I found myself shooting over 20 weddings, multiple engagements and events, and a few portraits here and there.  One of my favorites is right here below.


These two are my neighbors and probably the two hardest working people I know.  We were so excited to learn they were adding to the family and yes, that is their tractor.  And I bet she drives it better than him.  2021 also saw a lot of change in my day job life as I was let go as a government contractor due to funding decisions by the government.  Then I picked up the absolute best day job I've ever had (a post-military career that is) working for a small cybersecurity firm out of Plano, TX.  There are people from that team I still can't let go of and truly hope we all find ourselves on the same team again.  I don't know why I feel that way.  It was just special.  They are special.  It was just a damned good team. I love 'em all like brothers and sisters.

Let's catch up.  Not all things last and as is normal in a small publicly traded business, that company got a new CEO and he let almost that entire team go two weeks before Christmas 2021.  It was bad.  I was scared.  But God, the stars and planets, and nature aligned, and a good friend I had worked for in the past and I connected.  Turns out my experience on the last job was exactly what his new team needed and so here I am.  Not only do I shoot photography as often as y'all will hire me, but I'm also the Marketing and Digital Media Director for a Cyber Workforce Development company.  Why does that matter in regards to my photography? 

Think blogging, Vlogging, video recording/editing/producing, website management, advertising, and running a video recording studio. Yes Sir and Ma'am, right up my alley.  Now I get to bring all my interests and skills together into one big melting pot.  Crazy right?  The weird thing is I had been planning to start my own podcast (and did...BokehTexas on Buzzsprout...Google it) and a new blog (BokehTexas on GoDaddy) to go with it.  Those are supposed to talk about things mostly photography-related, but will most likely dive into the technology that is designed, created, and made here in the great Republic of Texas. Plus I still want to document both in story and photographically some small-town pro's who still do it the old-fashioned way.  And I'd like to do everything I can to help every other small-town rural business.

So all I can really say is:  Stay in your stirrups, hang on to your reigns, and help me keep this ride going.  Until next time...

Happy Trails 

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Inspiration in Troubled Times https://www.davidgastphotography.com/blog/2020/11/inspiration-in-troubled-times Happy November 2020!  We're still here!!

Since my last post there has been a wedding or two, taught a COMPTIA Sec+ course, and life just happens.  While falling asleep and thinking about all the stuff I could blog about, a thought struck.  Many times when talking to other photogs, I'll express that I literally own a Barnes & Noble library on the subject.  I've studied and read Kelby, Hurley, Orwig, Doorhorf, Freeman, and of course Mr. McNally.  And if you want to gain technical chops and inspiration, those are well worth it...and there's many many more.  I have them.

But this stack in this photo is special (and it's missing one, a very important one).

When I was in high school one of my study halls was in the library.  I loved the big picture books from Sports Illustrated or any large picture book.  I forgot all about that for many years.  After getting paid regularly for work and having all those tech books, one day I stumbled across Heisler's 50 portraits.  It was like going back 35 years sitting at that round wood table.  Not just big photos, but some of the most remarkable and with stories to go with each one.  And it made me so excited.  And there was something else...the accompanying stories about the people in the photos.  Wow, what great stories!  I liked this book so much I gifted one to a really great friend.

And that brings me to Annie's books.  A) Annie tells some amazing history about PEOPLE! and B) all while transferring a thought process and approach, often unique to every single photo. I'd so like to take her Master's Class, but I just don't have time.  I enjoy listening to her, but I am immensely thankful she took the time to produce these books.  Her imagery speaks for itself, and again, I can just study and contemplate her work for hours.

And Sally Mann did the same thing for me.  Her book caught my attention because there was some controversy about some of her imagery.  After reading her book, I thought, "People!  Mind your business.  See it, read it, think about it.  If you don't like an image, turn the page."  What a great book and again, great stories.  Just wonderful history, places, and people with awesome imagery to go along.

Lyndsay's book meant something to me because I also spent time in East Asia.  So I can see, smell and hear some of what she writes.  Again great stories about what happens in the line of photojournalism for those out there in faraway places recording history for all of us to see.  And it's alarming, exciting, and concerning to learn what goes on behind the scenes to make it happen.  Her imagery...superb.

That brings me to two more.  Nikki Sixx.  Who would have thought?  I liked the Crue but wasn't what you'd call a fan.  But once a metalhead...So I picked this up and dove in.  Man Nikki!  Thanks again for the personal stories about you and the band, but how you see and how you TREAT People, just blew me away.  I so thank you for a whole different perspective and genre that so few even think about diving into.  

Lastly, I think I lent my copy of Short Nights of the Shadow Catcher about Edward Curtis to my Dad.  For all us digital photogs out there all I have to say is:  "Don't ever tell me how hard it is."  When you put it all on the field as Curtis did, you put it all on the field.  It's unimaginable what his average day or night must have been like.  Whenever I think man, this shoot is rough, not working as it should.  I remind myself, I could have been in Curtis' shoes.

So that's it for a mild November evening.  Lots of shooting in the next few days.  But if I ever need a pick me up, a refresher, a way to forget all the garbage going on around us, I have these resources.  It just takes one chapter of any of them and the candle lights, the worries go away, and I get focused and excited about the next project.

Happy Shooting!

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Wow, where have I been? https://www.davidgastphotography.com/blog/2020/10/wow-where-have-i-been The simple answer to the title of this post is:  off focus.

So let's get to blogging!  Here's my disclaimer up front:  no accompanying photos for this post!  Sorry.

Why have I neglected my blog for so long?  There's a lot of reasons like we moved 40 miles south from our old place.  I quit one day job and took a summer off, then came back to the same client but with a different company.  My teaching career bloomed, then didn't. And now it's coming back.  I quit action sports photography...for real.  And just as 2020 looked promising COVID struck on top of an election year.

Why have I been off focus?  Simple.  It took me awhile to ween of social media to the point I only check it occasionally now.  I was hooked and in a dark place.  I had to get out of there.  My pledge is to use FB as a platform to share my blogs and highlight any recent activity for my photography work.  My IG is mostly iPhone shots around whatever I'm doing at the time.

Why am I coming back to my blog?  There's a lot to say about what I'm up too, what I'm thinking about gear, about events, and what I see going on in the photography world that I pay attention too.

The big debate in my head today about wedding photography:  color or B&W?  The more I use one of my Fuji's to capture RAW plus Fuji film sim B&W, the more I lean to the B&W jpgs straight out of camera.  I know one reason, the ridiculous colors and color casts of DJ lights and certain venues just simply detracts from the subject (the people!) in the image.  And when you remove all that, viola!  The people, action and expressions just POP!  Keep in mind, I normally shoot nothing but the highest quality Nikon glass on a Nikon D850 and that sometimes helps.  But there's magic about shooting in B&W and doing it on the Fuji is just special.  So I guess I'm going to always have a Fuji in the bag just to keep grabbing some of those.

So the real question that I'm sure I would get a straight 50/50 answer too is, what do you think clients would actually want in their album? I'm guess I'll hear 50% say color, and 50% say a mix.  I don't know if anyone would want straight B&W only.  But if those clients are out there, I'd sure like to meet them.  I'd like to hear their thoughts on why they prefer B&W.

I think after over 10 years doing this, and getting older, I think I'm just missing vintage photography.  I shoot and often produce the glossy, nicely colored work, but in my heart, I love the inspiration of a solid B&W shot.  One reason I gave up on action sports was the industry was moving toward high gloss, noiseless, tack sharp as they say imagery.  And my heart goes back to the big SI picture books of the 70s and 80s with bug grainy film shots of football players covered in wet mud and snow.  And then I read a couple articles or profiles of these dudes that shot wedding in only B&W.  I can't imagine how you could pull it off today, but how cool it must be to tell prospective clients, "I only shoot B&W,"  and still make a living doing it.  How cool.

Well, that's it.  The thought is out there, and I'm off to sweet dreams.  If you care to comment, please do.  I'd love to hear your thoughts.  And, I'll be back here regularly, in focus.  Count on it, and with photos! 

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Speak well of the Aged https://www.davidgastphotography.com/blog/2017/5/speak-well-of-the-aged I have to take a few moments to write down some thoughts based on this past weekend's Wedding and a 25 Year Anniversary for a local Priest.  I was serving my brothers at Matrix Digital Arts Photography as lead shooter and we hadn't done any real hard work since a wedding back in January.  Of course when we shoot ceremonies in our local churches in San Antonio we don't use flash.

I've been taking the new Nikon D500 out quite often, and then I have a D7100 as an extreme last resort backup, but for some reason I had an angel on one shoulder saying "Take the old girl out for a ride!," and the devil on the other shoulder saying "remember she'll wake the dead and make DHS think you've finally blew your last gasket."  I'm talking about my old D700, bought in 2010 when I returned home from deployment.  Over 150,000, maybe closer to 200,000 clicks on her.

I remember charging her batteries thinking, "I can't believe I'm going to do this, please treat me well today."  On both days I arrived at the venues and after putting the old 80-200 f2.8 on it (that's not a VR lens boys and girls), I took aim and pulled the trigger.  "Ka Boom" is what she sounds like.  I can hear Clint Eastwood saying, "that is the sound of the Ak-47, the preferred weapon of your enemy" after every click.

But........WOW!  After processing these f3.5 iso3200 images, I have to say the elderly lady is still smooth, still tack sharp and crisp, and still renders a great RAW image requiring just a few minor adjustments.  Don't get me wrong, I love my new D500 immensely, and I'll put the Tokina 100mm f2.8 macro on the D7100 any day and kill detail shots, but I believe until she gives up the ghost, clients just better enjoy the bass in her voice and the sonic boom of her click, and realize they just had majesty wink her eyelid at them.  I'll be taking her with me at every major event, until she really decides she's done.

To Melissa and Tony, and Father Mauricio, it was a privilege to be your photographer this past weekend.  The images my ol' D700 caught of you made me smile a lot a few days later.  I'll look back on this past weekend and your events as the time you awoke the sleeping, and got her back in the game.

Cheers Everyone!


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Life is Unfair.....and Sad https://www.davidgastphotography.com/blog/2016/7/you-will-be-missed Learned that I lost a great friend yesterday.  Dirk lived life to the fullest, never failing to try anything.  I always admired his drive and passion.  I will miss him dearly.  Dirk is one that should never had to endure the disease that took him from us.  It's unthinkable, it's unimaginable.  A loving, fun and great DAD and friend.  My heart goes out to Kim, and his sister Christina and all his family.  Anytime I train, workout, and do my photography, I will remember how Dirk lived life, and will try to apply that same passion.  Adios Amigos, may you fly with the angels now.

(David Gast Photography) Dirk Ellenberger https://www.davidgastphotography.com/blog/2016/7/you-will-be-missed Mon, 11 Jul 2016 04:57:35 GMT
August San Antonio Weddings https://www.davidgastphotography.com/blog/2014/9/august-san-antonio-weddings Even in August in San Antonio, Texas, weddings can be blast.  I don't have much to say tonight other than despite the heat, I had such a great time with this wedding.  Why?  The people.  First off, the groom is from my hometown back in Ohio.  Second, the bride was just the best!  This is a bride having the best day ever, and I'm pretty sure they did.  All I can say is I enjoyed the hard work it took to get great shots of their magical day. D4vesgrill Out!  See YOU soon.

(David Gast Photography) Photographer San Antonio Quinceanera Wedding Photographer https://www.davidgastphotography.com/blog/2014/9/august-san-antonio-weddings Mon, 08 Sep 2014 04:24:48 GMT
Happy Veteran's Day https://www.davidgastphotography.com/blog/2013/11/happy-veterans-day Surf's UpPupukea Happy Veteran's Day to all my brother and sister vets out there and up there, with us, before us, and those that gave it all to ensure vets like me can do ridiculous stuff like edit old images.  However, if it wasn't for my Veteran-ness, this would have never happened.  It was by the grace of the good US Air Force that I landed a three year gig on Oahu.  And it was among the top assignments ever.

The good of course was the island itself and everything it offered my family and I.  Incredible memories, people, life changing events that will forever be a part of my perspective of the world.  For example, I made my last promotion there, and as such joined the ranks of four other USAF CMSgt tOSU Buckeye Fans.  Where else, but on Oahu!  My life in the water was life changing, and I cannot tell it all here.  One of my best bosses ever, Laura Berry!  Folks like Ernie Regalado, Greg Gillinger, T-Ray Sears, Stephanie Spruill, Larry Johnson, Travis (who I had the unfortunate experience of deploying in about 48 hours, to see him returned a forever changed NCO), Tracy (Smiley) Sears, Steve, Tom Rioux, eventual CMSAF Rod McKinley (with the A. Griffin autographed football),  Tony Bishop (Happy USAA Tony!), so on and so on.  If I didn't' mention you, you are not forgotten, but there's more to say.

About the picture.  Just before Christmas 2006, I bought my first dSLR, a Nikon D50, and never looked back.  This was taken on the North Shore at the Pupukea intersection near Shark's Cove.  When I led the Cub Scout Pack on base, we turned right at this place and headed up the mountain to the best camping ever.  Anyhow, my real first shoot with this camera, using ancient Nikon lenses from my dad (a Vietnam Vet), started at 0500 at Sunset beach on a day of amazingly huge surf.  So huge they were about 2-3 feet from running the Eddie Eikau tourney (Eddie would go!).  I even had an image hosted on Surf News Network for quite awhile of four dudes riding down a 25 footer.  Well, all good fun and gigs of images to relive.  On today's Veteran's Day, I stumbled onto this one, and gave it some of the new Nik Analog Effects treatment.

It's my way of saying "Hey Vets, Surf's Up, no matter where you are.  Pay your respects, and then live a little today...those who've gone before us want you to celebrate an American day today, the way they would if they were still with us." 

Aloha all my military brothers & sisters - D4vesgrill Out!  Surf's Up!


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Honored American Vets Afield https://www.davidgastphotography.com/blog/2013/11/honored-american-vets-afield

The Honored American Vets Afield organization has held an annual event here in San Antonio for the second year in a row.  Their website is at www.honoredvets.org if you want to check them out.

In a nutshell they do good for our wounded warrior veterans, but I'm not here to give them a sales pitch.  A colleague of mine and member of the HAVA staff has asked for my support, so I cover this event and all the images are available for download for those that attended.  It's my charitable contribution to this great cause of keeping these heroes' spirits up after all they've done for us.

If you visit the folder over on my sports photos page, you'll see plenty of images of the sacrifices made.  But this too is not my focus today.  My focus, like my lens on this shot, is of the people helping the people.  The volunteers. 

I can't express how impressive these folks are who take their time to be on this team that really bares down to make sure these vets have a day of positive memories.  All D4vesgrill can say is thank you HAVA, for hosting one heck of an event!

About this photo:  This took about 10 minutes, and 30-50 frames before I got the one I wanted.  While walking by, I noticed the volunteer helping this warrior get situated so she could enjoy firing an air-puff triggered AR-15.  What you can't see is that this shooter is wheel chair confined.  So once they get her wheel chair in position, it's a little bit of work to get the weapon perfectly aligned so she can site the target and have the air tube near her lips so she can activate the trigger.  The volunteer stayed with her for over 20 minutes, helping make every small adjustment to get it just right.  And she's not sitting, she's kneeling the whole time. But her gaze on her warrior was focused like a steel trap and I wanted to catch it.

And that's how the HAVA volunteers roll, extremely focused on their vets, their families and friends.  They roll out awesome vendor support, shooting champions demonstrations, some star power, great food, and more.  How do I feel after covering a HAVA event?  Humbled, embarrassed to ever have complained about any thing during my deployments, proud of the HAVA folks for all they do, and just in awe at the camaraderie, spirit, will to live life out fully by our nation's heroes who literally paid a dear price for their service to our freedoms.  Hats off to HAVA and God Bless our Veterans.  D4vesgrill out.

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Lucky Portraits https://www.davidgastphotography.com/blog/2013/11/lucky-portraits Pride

So it seems I've shot around 6 or 7 or more Quinceaneras this year, and of course the focus of these events is always the Quince (the turning 15 girl).  I don't come from this culture, so I've grown a very big appreciation for it throughout this year, and mostly because of the conduct, nostalgia, and sense of family and fun that come from these events.  My partner and owner of Matrix Digital Arts and I laugh a lot about how different each and every one of these events are, and especially the characters involved.  Recently at one of these receptions while scanning the crowd I noticed this couple.

Character.  That's all I could think of.  I had to have a photo of this couple to capture the character they emitted.  I had to watch this couple for a little while to get a sense of what they were about.  What I saw was two people that shared some history and were deeply connected.  They seemed quiet and stuck to their corner of the venue.  Instead of doing my usual unnoticed, behind a pillar secret shot of them, I asked them if I could please have a shot.  Between my lack of Spanish and their lack of English we worked it out and this is what came out.

I added just a few adjustments, and felt I got it tweaked just right.  The eye in shadow is in focus.  Note the belt buckle, vest, and the hand on her shoulder...think there's a story there?  I don't know, but I'm just super thankful they obliged me by standing and giving me that look.  After reading Chris Orwig's "People Pictures" book, I think I got what he's talking about here.  If not, I will try and try again. 

Stay tuned, another new post coming up tonight as well.

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Did the Train Miss Me? https://www.davidgastphotography.com/blog/2013/8/did-the-train-miss-me "I didn't hear it, but look at those lights!" my beautiful daughter says to me.  I turn around and sure enough, they're down there...a little ways.

I shot a senior at these tracks awhile back and we've been after this since, especially after another girl from her gymnastics team had some images made on some tracks not long ago.

So first, grab the farthest light, turn look.  Train is still down 1/4 mile from the bridge that is 300 yards behind us.  I got the lights down the side and standing stable when I look up and see camera bags just a little to close to the tracks.  Got to do it, so I jump back up there, and both bags are unzipped.  Train is easily at the bridge, 300 yards to go and we'll practically kiss.  I smash the bags together and bound down the siding in two steps.  When I turn and look up:

"WOOOOO WOOOOO!!!" as the big twin CRX diesels heading East to San Antonio go whizzing by at an easy 60 m.p.h.!!  Well folks, that's how things with Dads and Daughters go.  Exciting....exhilarating really, and just the two of us with our pulse rates kicked right up there in the 170s. 

The Quince formal this morning was so much easier, and less life threatening.  But this is what we do, when we want this shot.  Stay tuned!

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Weddings Anyone? https://www.davidgastphotography.com/blog/2013/8/weddings-anyone Jen & Bruce WEDDINGS?

I remember back around 2009 saying on my original photography website, that I'd do just about anything, but "I WON'T DO THAT!"

It's funny what time changes.  What have I learned since back then that has caused me to become more and more attracted to this market?  Was it that action sports is simply too hard?  That it produced almost zero checks (btw...I shoot action for a local TV station's website)?

While I'm learning to control the stress of a wedding event, I have to say what attracts me the most is the feeling of, "I love these people and I'm having a great time!"  When I catch myself wanting to ditch the camera and shake a leg on the dance floor (haven't done that yet), I know I'm having fun, capturing the couple and their loved ones having fun.  And I'm having fun because I KNOW I'm catching them having fun celebrating their love. 

The other thing is the difference between each wedding.  Location, Venue, Food, Themes, etc, etc...it's just always different which is just super fun to walk into a place and say, "Whoa...what I'm I going to do here, and who's this DJ, and where's the coordinator?"  And then you quickly run through your technology checklist of possible lighting setups, places to stand, review the agenda, and then just like that...you go BAM, that's the plan!  And you run with it.  And the whole time you're thinking...I should have, I should be, I wish I was standing over there.  But you get home and review what you have on the cards, and the smile comes.  Because you like what you see and you know you have enough to see the same smile on the clients face later.


Real quickly let me shout out to MDAP (Matrix Digital Arts and Photography) for these great experiences these past two years.  I'm real proud of the work we've done and where we're headed as a team.  God knows y'all keep my busy enough, that you don't see me posting too much of my own work around the web.  And I love it.  I think my next blog will be the history of our relationship and why a couple older dudes still have the drive to get it done....ooh that'll be fun!

But back to D4vesgrill Photography.  On the near-distant horizon I'll be shooting a friend's daughter's wedding, and I'm super excited.  Because I'm going to see my buddy give away his daughter, and this will no doubt be a side of the big Dan-O most of us just don't see.  And they're a beautiful couple and great family, and it's in a venue I haven't shot yet.  And it will be fairly cool in December in San Antonio...YEEEAAAYY!

What does that have to do with anything?  If you're looking for a wedding photographer yet this year, YOU ARE WAAAYY behind the power curve!  But nothing is out of the art of possible with careful planning, and yes, you'd probably have to pay up a few extra bucks to get support by this time.  However, we'll never know if you don't call.  Looking for the cheap "$500 and give me a disc?" photographer? Nope, I'm definitely not that photographer or studio.  But looking for a studio and photographer who has a pretty healthy network of support, is able to generate a plan quickly, and will still get you a nice big fine art print, an album, and electronic media at a fare price...I'm that photographer.  And with the stable of help I have, you won't be disappointed.


With all that said, I'm happy looking forward to what's left of 2013.  Several MDAP events on the way, HS football in San Antonio fast upon us, and hopefully D4vesgrill will hear from some seniors over here in the NISD of San Antonio looking for something different in their senior shots.  Things are on the move.  So don't be shy, give us a shout, and let us know what you're looking for. 

In the meantime, I'm going to work harder at getting more blogs up on the subject of photography experiences here in San Antonio.  Next big thing:  attending Scott Kelby's Shoot Like a Pro tour right here in town on August 16th!  If you're nearby, I hope to see you there!


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D4vesgrill Photography Kicks Off 2013 https://www.davidgastphotography.com/blog/2013/2/d4vesgrill-photography-kicks-off-2013 As 2013 kicks off, I'm wondering when 2012 ever ended?  It was a great year that I'd like to remember by acknowledging some great freinds and partners that kept me very busy:  Matrix Digital Arts who I've known and worked with for "hard to believe" almost five years now (and who shoots Quinces?  We shoot Quinces!)  Elizabeth, for allowing me and hiring me to assist and 2d shoot a couple main events...a super duper freind!  Randy and Sean....holy cow!!  Anyone who thinks shooting teams is show up and pull a trigger, boy are you in for a surprise...and Sean, thanks for that wedding...what a place, what an event (photo below).  Of course my brother Tony and the KENS5 crew, another contract on the books, another football season coming up...always stoked.

The Guard at Jennifer 2013 has already began with an additional new piece of gear (more weapons!).  The first Quince formal has come and gone.  The NCAA gymnastics at Metroplex...done.  The Fiesta Jam in San Antonio (more gymnastics)...done.  Catching college signing day at one of our NISD schools here in San Antonio...check....and WOW, thanks to all the Clark HS fans and freinds who lit up my FB pages!  That was a super cool ride!!

Up next?  I have a freind who one day during a meeting gave me some of the best career advice ever, and we've been freinds ever since.  Sometimes there's no one I'd rather have a conversation with, but we're pretty far apart and only occasionally chat via email.  Tomorrow (pending weather) I start his daughter's wedding project with an engagement shoot.  If I've ever wanted to nail a project, this one's it!   And later the same day, I move on to support my Matrix brothers with a Senior Safari shoot.  Extra stoked to work with young people!

With all this said, I'd like to welcome any new clients who call upon me in 2013.  I'd like to say to all my partners and associates:  "Lets get 'er done."  I'd like to tell all my gear, "don't fail me boys."  I'd like to tell my super fine wife:  I love you so much and thank you for supporting me and letting me continue to chase this dream! 

So here's to 2013!!  Let's smoke some memory cards, burn some lenses, get muddy and dirty, climb trees, and hang out windows of moving cars if necessary.  Let's do what we have to do to get "the shot."  I hope to hear from you, work with you, but most all, I hope to get a chance to catch an image of you!

Lastly to Brother Eric, a little of your passion for imagery is in every step we take...many blessings and peace to you.  D4vesgrill out! 



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